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Meet Dietra Hudson

DONA Certified Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor

Hi there! My name is Dietra and I live in Morrison, CO with my two sons and partner of 16 years. We love to get in the mountains as much as possible, whether it’s just for a drive or offroad in our Jeeps. When I’m not chasing my two sons around, I like to read, hike and garden. I run first thing in the morning (people tell me that’s crazy) and I also practice yoga, which I find helpful in teaching my clients comfortable positions for labor. This past June, I received my orange belt in karate and particularly enjoy jiu-jitsu. As a history buff, I like to photograph ghost and old mining towns. I consider this my artistic outlet and have given my photos as gifts and run an Instagram account to showcase my work.

As a 4th generation Colorado native, I am of Mestiza ancestry, meaning my ancestors were of Indigenous (Pueblo/Tewa) and Spanish heritage, originating in New Mexico and Mexico. While my family is a result of assimilation, I take great pride in and embrace both. Because of that, passing on traditional ways of healing and using what the Earth has given us, is of great importance to me. I am in the process of learning Spanish so that I can carry on my roots.

Why I Became A Doula

I became a Doula in March 2016, after having given birth to my first son. Before that, I had worked in finance for 8 years but his birth was so transformative, I knew I was being called to follow a new path. His birth taught me so much about myself and what birth should be. I became passionate about helping people feel supported and empowered while they birth. Because I truly believe that when you have a positive birth, you will go on to have a beautiful bond with your new baby.

My second child was born in the peace and love of our home, and reinforced my belief that when the body is left to birth how it was meant to, labor does not have to be difficult. Labor is called labor for a reason, but it can be an amazing experience.

I want my clients to head into their labor and birth knowing that it will be hard work, but that they can do hard work. In fact, we were created to do just that. You were meant to bring your baby into this world like a warrior.

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My Experience

Having been a Doula for the past 6 years, I have experience with a wide variety of conditions. This includes:

  • cesarean birth
  • clients on bed rest
  • clients over 40
  • epidurals
  • GBS positive
  • gestational diabetes
  • home birth
  • inductions in all forms
  • IVF
  • pregnancy after loss
  • single parents
  • survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • unmedicated vaginal birth
  • water birth

And while I’ve experienced a lot, I know every single birth will teach me something new.

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