Birth Doula Services

As a DONA Certified Birth Doula, I will be there to support you from the moment you hire me. I will be available to answer the small questions, as well as help you address what fears you may have. Once you are in labor, I will join you as soon as you need me and offer positions to help ease your labor, as well as strategies to make labor go as smoothly as possibly. While I can’t guarantee your birth will follow your plan exactly, I will be there to ensure you are able to advocate for yourself and will offer emotional support for any situation that may arise.

My Birth Doula Package Includes:

  • Two prenatal visits in the comfort of your home:
    • The first prenatal meeting will be around the 35 week mark of your pregnancy. In this meeting, I will walk you through how you envision your birth. I will also guide you through your fears and how to address them, so you feel ready to handle any turn your birth may take.
    • The second prenatal meeting will be around the 37 week mark of your pregnancy. In this meeting, I will give you evidence based information on each intervention that could be introduced. As well, I will teach you ways to ease labor pains. Depending on your needs, I can offer you a brief breastfeeding education.
  • Labor support:
    • Once you are in labor, I will join you at home or your place for birth, as soon as you feel you need me. I will remain with you throughout your labor to provide comfort measures, suggest positions and strategies to help labor progress and to make sure you are informed and heard. Additionally, I can offer my Birth Photography Package.
  • After birth support:
    • I will stay with you for up to two hours after you give birth, to ensure your baby’s first feeding goes smoothly.
  • Postpartum visit in the comfort of your home:
    • I will visit with you within a week of your baby being born. We will discuss your birth, any further resources you may need, and I will provide a free lactation assessment, if you choose to breastfeed. 

I offer additional lactation support, which you can learn about here.


My support is unlike any other of your care providers, in that I am working solely for you and your wishes. Hiring me is an investment in your well being. Because I understand that having a baby is not cheap to begin with, I offer my clients a sliding scale. My sliding scale is $1,000 – $1,500. That means you can choose the fee in that range that works best for you and your financial situation.

Should you need additional financial assistance, please let me know. Every birthing person deserves a Doula!

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